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Halifax Lighthouse Tour - 7.5 hours - $350 for minivan and tour operator

Tours are private and are priced per vehicle.

Tour Description :

The Halifax Lighthouse/Station tour includes nine lighthouses. Five are located on islands and can be viewed from a distance. Four can be accessed by short walks. Nova Scotia lighthouses/stations vary in size and many are small.

Lighthouse/Station :

Chebecto Head
Walk to at 20 min. and moderate walking level
Devils Island Southeast
On an island with a viewing distance of 7,000 metres/yards
Georges Island
On an island with a viewing distance of 500 metres/yards
Indian Harbour
Can view from 400 metres or walk to at 25 min. and difficult walking level
Maugher Beach
On an island with a viewing distance of 1,200 metres/yards
Peggys Point (Peggys Cove)
Walk to at 3 min. and easy walking level
Terence Bay
Walk to at 10 min. and moderal walking level

For further information, please visit the Nova Scotia Preservation Society's web site at

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