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Lunenburg & Mahone Bay & Peggys Cove - 10 hours - $400 for minivan and tour operator

Tours are private and are priced per vehicle.

Tour Description :

Travel to Lunenburg via an inland higher speed road for eighty minutes. Vehicle tour in Lunenburg with several stops for approximately one hour. Lunch in Lunenburg for approximately one hour. Travel to the community of Blue Rocks which is a picturesque fishing village. Travel to Mahone Bay and visit for approximately one hour. Then travel to Peggys Cove before your return to Halifax.


The current town was settled in 1753 with German, Swiss, and French immigrants. Lunenburg is famous for its waterfront, fishing industry, vessel building, and architecture.

Lunenburg had a large 'banks' fishery, inwhich sailing vessels travelled 200-400km/150-250mi to fish on the ocean. Circa 1900 the Lunenburg 'banks' fishery had 180 vessels which employed 2000 fishers.

Hundreds of wooden sailing vessels were built in Lunenburg. Four famous vessels are as follows : 1) Bluenose, built in 1921, a fishery schooner which became a racing champion, 2) Bounty, in 1960 the 'Bounty 'was launched as a replica of the HMS Bounty for the MGM film 'Mutiny on the Bounty', 3) Bluenose II, built in 1963 as a replica of the original Bluenose which sank in 1946, 4) HMS Rose, a replica of the Royal Navy warship during the American War of Independence, was built in 1976 for the USA bicentenary celebrations and was used for the 2003 film 'Master and Commander'.

Lunenburg's 'Old Town' is a good example of British settlement in North America. It's historic buildings and homes date back to the 1760's. In 1995 the United Nations declared Lunenburg's 'Old Town' area a UNESCO World Heritage site (there are 469 World Heritage sites of which 12 are in Canada). There are about four hundred 'Old Town' buildings.

Mahone Bay

An interesting small town with an array of studios and galleries.

Peggys Cove

At the entrance to St. Margaret's Bay is the village of Peggys Cove. It is a working fishery village, a famous tourist attraction, and one of the most photographed locations in Canada.

At Peggys Point there has been a lighthouse since 1868. The present lighthouse was built in 1914.

A famous resident of Peggys Cove was William de Garthe, an artist and sculptor. He created a 30m/100' carving in the granite out-crop in his yard that took ten years and depicts the fishery and the legendary Peggy-of-the-Cove.

Nearby is a memorial to the deaths from an airline tragedy in 1998 in which all 229 passengers and crew died.

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